Hamptons in Hong Kong

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a short fashion film for my good friends Maddie and Ashely. They came up with this awesome photoshoot concept of Hamptons in Hong Kong and asked me to do a fashion film to go along with. With Maddie's photography skills, and Ashley's eye for styling, these girls are unstoppable. It was such an amazing time working with them, and I can't wait for our next project together! Check out the film and a sneak peek of some of the photos below! You can see the rest of the photos on Maddie's site!

Photography: Maddie Ivey | Art Direction: Maddie Ivey | Creative Direction: Maddie Ivey & Ashley Rosales | Creative Writing: Ashley Rosales | Styling: Ashley Rosales | Design Director: Joshua McLeod | MUA: Isa Asensio | Talent: Abby Cochran & Isa Asensio | Fashion Film: Joshua McLeod