5 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend // 01

Hong Kong has been absolutely breathtaking so far. I have already fallen in love with the country and it's only been 6 days. "5 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend" is going to be a new blog series for the duration of my time here in Hong Kong. I see and learn something new everyday here and I want to share that with you all! So here are 5 things that I learned and loved this weekend!

1. The Landscapes | So many mountains. So much water. So many buildings. I love it.

2. My Living Arrangements | My "dorm" is absolutely stunning. I'm staying at the Gold Coast Residency and I am in love. So many amenities including a pool, gym, tennis courts, and gorgeous views.

3. The Hong Kong BBQ | We attended a Hong Kong BBQ and it was interesting to say the least. There were boxes with unopened packs of raw meats and vegetables and mini fire-pits set up around. Basically you skewer the meat and vegetables that you want and grill it yourself. It's scary because I wasn't sure if my food cooked through... But it was definitely an experience i'll never forget!

4. Dim Sum | A brunch usually eaten on Sundays. We all gathered around a table and shared small portions of Hong Kong dishes such as pork dumplings, fried octopus, shrimp dumplings, rice rolls, and more. The friend octopus was my favorite. 

5. The Scaffolding | There is a lot of construction here in Hong Kong, and the scaffolding is made entirely of bamboo and string. It's so ridiculous! 

Traveling In Style

When traveling I always put extra thought into my outfits. I want to look put together, but I also want to be comfortable. So I compiled a few outfits that I think are stylish yet comfortable for any travel excursion.

DSC_2169 copy.JPG

1. Comfortably Classic

With this look I was going for a typical "jeans and a t-shirt" look. I picked out my most comfortable pair of denim, and a super soft t-shirt. Airplanes have a tendency to get a bit chilly so I paired this look with a cardigan. And to finish off the look, a pair of classic canvas shoes. Sunglasses optional!

Zara T-Shirt | Zara Denim | Play Comme Des Garçon Cardigan | Vans for J.Crew Shoes

2. Ease of Comfort

I really like this look. Its simple, but stylish and the material of this shirt is so comfortable. I like to be in shorts when I travel because I tend to get hot easily. I chose these Birkenstock sandals because #1 they are comfortable to walk in and #2 it makes going through security a lot easier and faster. I hate the pressure of being rushed to gather your belongings and put all your clothes back on after you've been basically stripped to your underwear. This look will get you through security without the hassle of feeling rushed.

Guess Henley | H&M Shorts | Birkenstock Sandals

3. Laid Back

Out of all 3 looks, this is the most comfortable. I mean, lets be honest, if I could, I would wear sweats all day, everyday. With this look even though it's so casual it still looks put together. The sweat pants and hoodie will keep you warm on the plane and the running shoes are built to keep you feet happy when running to your next gate from across the entire airport!

Zara Floral Shirt | H&M Sweat Pants | Gap Hoodie | Reebok Sneakers 


I hope I was able to inspire some ideas of what you can wear when you travel to your next adventure! Leave a comment below of your favorite outfit!